Glühwein is a spiced, hot wine that is popular in Germany during the winter months. But, the experience wouldn’t be complete without the mug. Traditional glühwein mugs that you’d find at German Christmas Markets will be .2 L (approx. 7 oz.) ceramic mug. These Christmas market glühwein mugs are priceless.

A Christmas market glühwein mugs keep your delicious, mulled, spiced wine drink warm and looking great. Mugs are often collectibles. Each year, the design changes and so German Christmas Market goers often collect a mug each year. Artists design the mug specific to a certain Christmas Market and, of course, the responsible thing to do is drink your way each market until you have a collection.

That way of gathering Christmas market gluhwein mugs also means that when you’re sharing gluhwein with friends back home, in front of a fire, with the snow falling outside, you’ve got stories to tell about how and where you acquired each mug. 

Alternatively, you could go online and buy a set. 

Glühwein is an experience. The heat and flavors combined to create something that wasn’t meant to be rushed. This makes the 7 ounce gluhwein mug the perfect size for drinking gluhwein. Sure, a coffee mug will work. But, gluhwein is a drink to enjoy with friends, loved ones, inciting laughs and joy.

We’ve got the great fortune today of drinking gluhwein as an experience, something slow and fun, to be enjoyed and lingered on, like a good kiss. Sip slow, my friends. Savor the moment and experience.