A whiskey sour is an easy to make drink with a base of whiskey, and kicked up another notch on the fancy ladder with mulled simple sugar instead of standard simple sugar.

Making mulled simple sugar is easy and a perfect addition in a whiskey sour.

Mulling spices include, to name a few, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, orange, and allspice. Our special Boozn Sam’s blend mulling spice packets are added to water and sugar and heated to create a tasty batch of mulled simple sugar.

Whiskey Sour


Simple Syrup Recipe:

1.5 cups of water

.5 cups of sugar

1 Boozn Sam’s Glow Orange Spice Bag

Cocktail Recipe:

2 oz. shot of whiskey

1 oz. of lemon juice

2 oz. of mulled simple sugar

1 – Candied orange and cocktail skewer as a garnish


1. Make the Simple Syrup by combing the water, sugar, and tea bags in a pot and bringing to a boil. Set aside and let cool

2. Add ice to a rocks glass then combine the whiskey, lemon, and mulled simple sugar

3. Garnish with the candied orange and cocktail skewer

4. Serve and enjoy