There is a sangria recipe, and then there is a sangria sangria recipe. This is the latter. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our latest creation: Pineapple Coconut Sangria. It’s exotic. It’s delicious. It’s not for everyone. But, if you love coconut, then you’ll love this. Taking a sip is like taking a trip to a sunny, tropical beach, with palm trees swaying behind you and the gentle lapping of the surf in front of you. Check it out now, and let me know what you think in the comments or on social media.

Ingredients for White Wine Pineapple Coconut Sangria:


To create a yummy Pineapple Coconut Sangria, you’ll need the following:

– 1 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio

– 1 cup coconut rum

– 1/2 cup coconut water

– 1/4 cup pineapple juice

– 1/4 cup simple syrup (adjust to taste)

– 1 cup diced pineapple

– 1 cup shredded coconut

– 1 lime, thinly sliced

– Fresh mint leaves for garnish

– Ice cubes for serving


1. dice up that pineapple, but watch those fingers. Nothing ruins a good time like losing a finger.

2.  In a large pitcher, combine the dry white wine, coconut rum, coconut water, pineapple juice, and simple syrup. Stir with all your might, but not too much might, ensuring all ingredients are well mixed. Gotta get them flavors to harmonize.

3.  Now it’s time to casually chuck in the diced pineapple and shredded coconut.

4. Those delicious flavors need time to infuse. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours. More flavor, more time. Infuse overnight for a more intense, delicious taste.

4. Then simply add ice to glasses, mix in white sangria. Serve and enjoy!

*Want it extra boozy and with more flavor? Add in orange triple sec.

**Add lime or lemon seltzer water for some fizz.

White Wine Pineapple Coconut Sangria:

I’ll admit. This recipe isn’t for everyone. But, it is an amazing white wine sangria for those itching for a bit of tropical flavor and fun. If’ you’ve read this far, I’m amazed at your attention span. Pat yourself on the back, and enjoy your Sangria. Thanks for being here. Thanks for being you. Have the best day ever.

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