Peach sangria is a refreshing and different alternative to traditional sangria. You might be thinking sangria is a simple party drink made with little effort and thought. Throw a few pieces of cut fruit in some red wine, dump in sugar, send a few text messages, eat a cut orange, take a pull of liquor and add some to the wine, stir and serve. If you are thinking Sangria is as simple as that – you would be partially correct.  

We’re not dealing with a specialty drink served at high end cocktail parties and sipped in evening gowns and tuxedos. There is little sophistication in the drink itself, which hints at the history of the beverage as a drink for common folks throughout early Europe. But, there is beauty in its simplicity.

What you might not realize is that Sangria’s simplicity means countless flavor profiles and combinations exist. You could make a red wine sangria recipe, or a white wine sangria , or a white peach sangria recipe, peach sangria, apple cider sangria, or even a thanksgiving sangria. 

I’m sure at this point your head is spinning. You came here for a recipe, dammit, not a diatribe on flavor profiles and 50 different sangria recipes. Or, maybe you did. 

I’ve done the hard work, put in the long hours on the sunniest beaches around the world, got chased by bulls in Spain while covered in Sangria remnants from prior nights of relentless research and, with a complete lack of orientation, aim and ambition over a quarter century, developed the perfect mix of booze in a variety of palette pleasing combinations.

And I’ve crafted some of the most popular variations of the fruity toot toot, party favor and some of the weirdest variations too. And, I tell you what, anyone can make homemade sangria, but not everyone can make homemade sangria that’s sugar free or low in sugar. My years of rigorous work in the field has led me to correlate more intense hangovers with sugar. Eliminate sugar and you eliminate the follow up pain and don’t totally wreck your body by putting shit food in it. C’mon here! Just because we’re drinking doesn’t mean we cannot also drink responsibly. Keep the fruit. Keep the Wine. Those are natural and good. Throw out the processed sugar. We’ll overthrow the sugar industry one glass of sangria at a time. At this point you almost have a moral obligation for your own health and the health of others to drink sangria and do some good. 

Peach Sangria

Flavor Profile:

One sip from this and you’ll notice the subtle hints of peach, which lift up the sweetness in a poetic, not Game of Thrones kill your brother sort of way. 

Drink this if you like to smell flowers on a mild summer day. It’s light and airy, and goes perfect on a lazy afternoon post coitus, when you’re relaxed, at peace, and need a greater sense of pleasure and fulfillment than what you just received.

Difficulty Level:

Our difficulty scale:

1 – Like falling asleep on the beach after a few glasses of capriccio sangria

5 – Like trying to put your shoes on after a few glasses of capriccio sangria

10 – Like trying to ride a bike, with a dog on a leash, and a bottle of half finished capriccio sangria in one hand, after a few glasses of capriccio sangria

This easy sangria recipe for peach sangria is quick to make and comes together easy. For that reason, it receives a rating of 3

Peach Sangria:

1 – .75L bottle of Syrah or Port wine

1/2 – lemon

1/2 cup – gin

1 cup – blueberries

1 – orange

2 – peaches

1 can – peach juice (sweeter) or peach seltzer (less sweet)

How to Make Sangria:

Dump that wine in a pitcher. Glug, glug, glug

Rinse the peaches, lemon and orange. Stop the spread of bacteria.

Quarter the peaches, lemon and orange, and plop in to the pitcher

Add the gin. Take a drink for yourself. I know this is hard work, but we’re halfway done and you’re doing awesome.

Add the blueberries

Add the peach juice or seltzer.


Put in the fridge for a few hours for proper absorption to occur

Pour a glass of gin as a reward for your great work.